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STEM Exploratory
Instructor: Ms. Chassereau   
In 6th Grade STEM Exploratory, students will practice 21st Century skills as they explore different STEM careers.† We will look at careers in the areas of emergency management, engineering design, criminal investigation, robotics, engineering construction, media design, and more.

Grading Scale:
Writing/Projects- 20%
Quizzes- 25%
Classwork- 20%
Tests- 35%

Students are expected to keep their STEM Exploratory notebooks up to date with the information we cover.

Email:† cchassereau@acpsd.net (Preferred method of communication.)
You may also reach me at (803) 663-4300 and at the school from 3:20-4:00 and during my planning (10:32-11:27).
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Discussion Topics
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Ms. Chassereauís Schedule
1st Period:††††††† 7:45-8:33††† Homeroom
2nd Period:†††††† 8:36-9:31††† 6th Grade Math
3rd Period:††††††† 9:34-10:29† 6th Grade Math
4th Period:††††††† 10:32-11:27 Planning
5th Period:††††††† 11:32-11:57 Guided Reading 11:57-12:27 Lunch
6th Period:††††††† 12:30-1:25† 6th Grade Math
7th Period:††††††† 1:28-2:23 †† 6th Grade Math
8th Period:††††††† 2:25-3:20††† 6th Grade STEM

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